Coaching Academy Learners deliver StreetGames Residential

NESA Coaching Academy learners Michael Cook and Chris Smith helped deliver StreetGames Young Volunteer residential in the Lake District.

The event was attended by 70 young volunteers from across the UK with a specific focus on the North West, Yorkshire, West Midlands and East Midlands regions.

The three day personal development and leadership residential was planned and delivered by a team of StreetGames Young Advisors including Michael and Chris.

Sports Media Officer Stuart Dick asked about their experiences during the event.

SD: What did you have to organise and plan during the StreetGames Volunteer residential?

MC: “We all had to work as a team to plan and organise the whole event. We had to choose the activities the participants will take part in and the times to start the activities. We also had to show the participants around the accommodation, and help them settle in to the residential.”

CS: “At the residential we all had to plan what activities were going to happen during the event, ranging from the main activities right through to the on-site team building activities. We also had to plan the other activities such as the bonfire, tournaments, social games and movie nights that occurred each day.”

SD: Did you learn anything from your experience?

MC: I picked up some new skills and developed those I already have. It helped me develop my communication skills with both colleagues and volunteers, allowing me to get my points across during group discussions. This also allowed me to improve my teamwork skills, and arguably most important of all it improved my confidence levels.

CS: I was able to take a lot away from the experience; I now have a new found confidence in meeting new people and working with people that I don't really know. My event planning abilities are now much better. I was also able to learn all the different ways that team building can effect a group and what team building activities are available to do on a regular basis.

SD: How much did you enjoy the event?

MC: I absolutely loved it, I would definitely do it again without fail, and I would recommend doing the young advisor role to anyone because you meet new people and the role helps you mould your skills and qualities.

CS: I massively enjoyed my time there, I loved working with everyone on site and the StreetGames staff were extremely helpful with all of our progression during the residential. If I was asked to do it again next year it would be a yes in a heartbeat as it is the best experience of my life and one that I will never forget.

Sarah Bennett, Sports Development Officer

“The partnership with StreetGames has brought numerous opportunities to our learners. This all adds to their student experience at the college and allows them to develop their employability skills for their future when they leave the college.

“Michael and Chris are two of many students who have undertaken the role of young advisors at a national residential or event. The students who have been involved in the StreetGames opportunities have been enthused and found the activities rewarding.

“Michael and Chris represented the college in a really positive way and the feedback about their engagement in the programme and work ethic was really positive. If students are keen on receiving similar opportunities please get in touch.”

If you would like to get involved in the NESA Coaching Academy you can contact Sarah Bennett via email: