TyneMet Coaches participate in Sports Coach UK Research

Sports Coach UK, in collaboration with StreetGames, has published a unique piece of research, which found that for every £1 invested in a group of coaches in Tyneside there was a £3 return for society. This means that the positive impact the coaching had, was three times greater than the amount it cost to train the individuals to coach.

NESA Coaching Academy learners Scott Maughan and Dan Wight were participants in the five person study, with support from Tyne Metropolitan College’s Sports Development Officer Sarah Bennett.

The study saw the two individuals complete a training phase before going on to deliver coaching sessions of their own. The purpose of the research was to create a social value on developing coaches, rather than an economic value.

The results are impressive in their own right, but the study also concludes the quality of the coach’s development, and the longevity of a coach’s career further impact the “Social Return of Investment.”

The findings were presented at a recent event at the Tyneside cinema which aimed to give delegates the chance to be the first to hear about the research. The event outlined how coaches in Tyneside have made a real difference to their own and their participants’ lives (as well as their organisations). At the event our past student Scott Maughan delivered a presentation on his journey and how TyneMet College NESA Coaching Academy has had an impact on his life. As part of the event Scott and Sarah Bennett were invited to be part of a Q&A panel to discuss the evidence of how coaching brings about significant change.

Sarah had this to say “Being part of such unique research has been really rewarding. The results are more impressive than we thought they would be. Working in sport you see everyday the impact that sports coaching has on society and this research has just gone to prove the actual influence it has on society.”

Scott added: “It was a very worthwhile experience being involved in the project, it allowed me to develop my skills as a coach and get experience in the coaching field. The research shows how important coach development is and the impact quality coaching has in North Tyneside. The project has given me a lot to think about moving forward.”